Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling

Know Yourself

“the privilege of a lifetime is being free to be who you are”

– Joseph Campbell

Individual Counselling will identify what is problematic for you.

In the process you will grow in awareness of your core self, personality and how you relate to your immediate world. Individual Counselling will highlight your emotional signature, habits of thinking and patterns of behaving.

You will be introduced to tools to help manage any symptomatic behavior, such as anxiety, depression, or anger, that may be, affecting your being able to function as you would like to.

The Counselling arena is intended as safe, confidential and collaborative.

If you are noticing a change in your mood states and feel stuck with what to do next counselling can offer the opportunity to learn how to manage yourself through times of change by helping you grow awareness, emotional regulation and mental mastery.

Individual Psychotherapy

Free Yourself

Individual Psychotherapy will ask you to stay a little longer where the therapist will facilitate a deeper understanding of your personality, patterns of relating and behaving.

Here you have a choice to explore what events are still alive for you and opening triggers in the present.

The work of Individual Therapy is to guide you in the completion of unfinished emotional work and equip you in a resilient approach to living.


$100.00 per hour session