Relationship Counselling


“How we are in response to another determines the quality of relationship and what is stimulated from there”

Couple Counselling brings together two individuals with unique emotional signatures seeking the right amount of safety to sustain individual growth, connection and closeness.

Being in relationship becomes an art of allowing both individuals an authentic presence whilst ‘tending’ the relationship.

Challenges are often around flexibility to ride inevitable changes over the lifespan of the relationship.

Growth appears through using challenge and change as a dynamic vehicle for the relationship to stay alive and healthy.

Couple Counselling is based around four pillars which provide a foundation for healthy relationship.


The art of talking, listening and seeking to understand.


The art of sharing.

Power Heirarchy

The art of fair play.


The art of cherishing and enjoyment.

What happens in Couple Counselling?

Firstly, it seeks to understand any current areas of tension, the emotional experience of each partner, their values, beliefs and expectations.

It practices and models effective communication skills with the view to strengthening empathic understanding.

It builds consciousness around what is happening in the relationship with particular interest in areas that hook partners into dysfunction.

It employs strategies to mature the relationship and build meaning into taking life’s path together.


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$150.00 per hour session